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author branding services

We help self-published authors build thriving platforms through the power of visual storytelling.

Don’t struggle with DIY designs. We’ll take them off your to-do list.

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Meet your new visual storytelling assistant.

Professional graphic design services for authors who want to build their author platform with visual marketing and storytelling.

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  • marketing and promotional graphics

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Are your visuals telling the story you want?

author branding services
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author brand strategy

Start building a consistent and authentic author brand.

Use our free workbook to help you discover the heart of your author branding.
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Unlock the Gift of More Time

writerly owl designs

Let us help you build your author platform with visual storytelling and free up your time for the things only you can do—write more books, connect with your audience, and scale your business.

author branding

Stand out in a crowded market. Invest in a customized visual brand design for your author brand.

author brand identity
author brand identity
book marketing

marketing and social media graphics (+more)

Boost your author platform and engage readers with eye-catching visuals that stay true to your brand.

author marketing services
author brand identity

Here's what our clients
have to say...

Heidi McIntyre

author brand identity

“I had an idea of what I wanted for my author logo, but I couldn’t quite envision it. But when I saw the logo Cam created, it was magical, and I loved it. Her design went well beyond my expectations. She was great to work with, communications were easy and helpful, and she did a fantastic job. I highly recommend her.”

Amanda Ronan

author brand identity

“Working with Cam on my author branding was a dream come true. She listened patiently and without judgment, as I considered every color scheme, logo image, and font under the sun. I was overwhelmed and a little resistant to branding before. But now I’m really excited to present myself to the world using Cam’s beautiful work.”

Linda O'Dea

author brand identity

“An author shared her new logo in a FB group, which was absolutely stunning. I wanted to get a logo for my brands but just hadn’t had the time to find a designer. This solved that issue. I was amazed at the design Cam created. It’s stunning and tells people exactly what kind of books I write with one glance.”

Check out some of our past projects.

author branding
writerly owl designs
author branding
writerly owl designs

Build and Elevate Your Author Platform With a Consistent Visual Strategy.

writerly owl designs
marketing tips for authors
writerly owl designs
branding ideas for authors

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