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At Writerly Owl Designs, we help self-published authors build thriving platforms through the power of visual storytelling with cohesive, professional designs and free up their time to focus on writing more books, developing connections with their audience, and scaling their business.

Ready to make the big leap in building your author platform? Our services are for you if:

  • lack a visual strategy for your author platform

  • have a business mindset toward your writing

  • need help designing a consistent brand that connects with your ideal audience

  • lack marketing materials and struggle to create compelling promotional graphics to promote your books

  • want to explore exciting ways to use visuals to attract readers and sell more books

  • want professional and reliable service that delivers quality without blowing your budget or

  • need to clear non-core design tasks from your growing to-do list…

We’re here to help.

Writerly Owl Designs has everything you need for your visual storytelling kit: logos, promotional materials, social media graphics, website banners, etc. We’ll collaborate closely with you to craft designs that capture your distinctive voice and vision and tell a story that connects with your audience.

Whether you’re new to self-publishing or an established author looking to brand (or rebrand), we’re here to help build and elevate your author platform with visual storytelling.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals and ensure your brand leaves a lasting impression.

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Kate Holdsworth

“When I took a writing class a few years ago, the issue of a logo for my brand was mentioned. That was when I discovered I had the most unwieldy name for producing something scripted and beautiful. Fast forward almost a decade and over thirty novels later, and I sensed I'd put it off long enough. Admiring another writer's graphic led me to Cam. Her extensive questioning quickly got to the heart of the matter, and she seemed undaunted by the task. And she's produced the impossible, a logo that is exactly what I wanted, even if I couldn't have imagined it for myself. Aside from her skill and professionalism, she's shown kindness and kept at it despite my refusal to believe she could succeed. I'm happy to recommend her work to others."
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but you're not alone

Building an online presence can be daunting, especially when starting.
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Feel free to contact us by using our contact form.


If you need additional information about our products and services, please, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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