Who am I?

I collaborate with writers from the first draft to publication.
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Hey there friends, I'm Cam Gillings. As a storyteller and crafter of the fantastical, I love sharing and giving back to the remarkable writing community I became a part of three years ago. 

For months I debated about the focus of my website.

I knew I wanted to help, encourage and motivate other writers, but after a few failed attempts I realized ‘regular blogging,’ as I call it, wasn’t for me.

For one, I didn’t want to regurgitate what I’ve already seen being done by authorpreneurs I admire. Two, it didn’t feel me, and I believe a strong platform of any kind is built on genuine connections. And three, I wanted the format of my website to be something I love and enjoyed. The more passionate I am about anything, the better I am at it.

So, instead of recreating the wheel, I’ll be showing how the wheels created by other fabulous creators in our writing community have aided me.

When I’m not deconstructing my writing process to share with you on The Writerly Owl, I’m knocking out words for my YA Fantasy novel or brainstorming new ways to conquer the world.

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What you'll find here ...


Writing Tips


Book Covers


Marketing Graphics


Author Branding Help


Writing Tips and Resources

I’ll break down my writing process, help you develop your own and over free resources to help you create your best writing life. I've started to curate a member's only lounge of free resources to help you on your journey from the first draft to publication. You'll find templates for outlining, tips on character development, and so much more! Sign up for access.

Graphic Design Services

All graphic design services are geared towards authors who are either starting to build their brand, want to revamp their present brand, or take their current online presence to the next level. This covers book covers, mock ups/marketing graphics, and branding materials, e.g. logos, colour scheme, business cards, etc.