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author brand design

“Cam did an amazing job crafting my brand design. It’s stylish and captured exactly what I wanted. The process was smooth, and the project was completed well ahead of schedule. With her style guide, I can maintain consistency across my website, social media, and other promotional materials. Cam is a talented professional and a pleasure to work with.”

↣ Dianna Wilkes - Award-Winning Contemporary Romance Author

“Cam did such an excellent job on my author branding that I have no words. She is so professional in not just the quality of work but also her professionalism and patience while working with clients and getting them exactly what they want. Not only did Cam have patience working with me, but she went back and changed the address on my business cards when I gave her the wrong info. I have no complaints and give her two thumbs up and would recommend her to anyone needing author branding services to brand themselves professionally and their author platform.”

author brand design

↣ Martin Marquez - Author

author brand design

“I am an author and was at the end of my rope creating my own website. Cam was a lifesaver! Cam is patient but firm, and he knows her stuff. After working through two ideas, she found the best logo for me. Her branding board gives you everything you could need to make your website and social media presence professional and eye-catching. I am so excited to launch my new site with Cam's stunningly beautiful branding.”

↣ Sondae Stevens - Author

“It wasn't until I took a writing class a few years ago that the issue of a logo for my brand was mentioned. That was when I discovered I had the most unwieldy name for producing something scripted and beautiful. Fast forward almost a decade and over thirty novels later, and I sensed I'd put it off long enough. Admiring another writer's graphic led me to Writerly Owl Designs. Cam's extensive questioning quickly got to the heart of the matter, and she seemed undaunted by the task. And she's produced the impossible, a logo that I wanted, even if I couldn't have imagined it for myself. Aside from her skill and professionalism, she's shown kindness and kept at it despite my refusal to believe she could succeed. I'm happy to recommend her work to others.”

author brand design

↣ K.T. Bowes - New Zealand Bestselling Mystery Author

author brand design

“Cam has done a wonderful job of creating a beautiful and unique brand design and book promo images for me in a timely manner. I’ve had many bad experiences with artists and designers where they don’t do the work and keep pushing deadlines after you make (part of) the payment, but Cam has really been fair and completed my projects in the time we agreed upon.”

↣ Klara Raškaj - Fantasy Romance Author

“Branding can feel overwhelming if you're a newbie author. Cam made it a painless process. She listened to what I wanted, was very patient with me, and worked to make changes until she created the perfect fit. Working with Cam was a wonderful experience that transformed my nervousness into excitement. I am so in love with my new logo!”

↣ Mari Barra - Author

author brand design
author branding
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author brand design
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