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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are your office hours?

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm EST. Response time is usually within 24-72 hrs. On weekends and holidays, correspondents will be slower.

Are suggested deadlines steadfast?

Deadline suggestions consider the scope of work and the time it takes for reviews and revisions. They give us breathing room and limit the stress of completing a project. Timelines will vary.

What are the payment options?

All payments go through Payoneer, an international payment service for freelancers outside the United States.

All payments for graphic design services are required upfront. Amounts for branding services require a down payment before work commences. You may also choose to pay in full from the start for instant access to high-resolution files.

Are refunds available?

Because of the resources and time spent completing a design project, you are not guaranteed a full refund. Refundable amounts are at my discretion based on the scope of work already undertaken.

Can I use my designs for merchandise purposes?

No, not without the purchase of an extended license for the graphics used. Once you purchase the extended license, you can use your logo on resale products like t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, etc.

If you’re interested in going this route, we’ll instruct you on how to purchase the license.

Do you have any examples of previous projects?

Of course. You can check our portfolio for samples of my branding designs.

Not seeing an answer to your questions?

Please send us an email at

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