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Premade Cover Designs

All premade book covers are sold only once through, an external vendor site for premade covers.


Like the covers sold directly through Writerly Owl Designs, each cover features high-quality stock images and textures customized to create unique end products for you to choose from.


featured covers

Notice: Because of the font limitations on the vendor site, custom typography for all vendor-ordered covers is available separately.
↣ Price: $30.00
cover 1.jpg
cover 2.jpg
How the Process Works

All premade covers are sold through a third-party site, SelfPubBookCovers.

The site offers the option to add your own text onsite. You can also purchase blank covers without text and customize them offsite using your own software or order custom typography.

Please Note:

  • Minor customizations are available for premade covers. (Instructions on requesting modifications)

  • We can convert all ebook premade covers into paperback wraps. (Instructions for custom back cover/spine design)

  • Audiobook conversions are also available for all covers sold. (Instruction for audiobook covers)

Bookings Open for Custom Covers

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